DIY For The Inexperienced

 My dad is a total DIY whizz he will try to do anything himself, mainly because he doesn't want to put his hand in his pocket to pay somebody else to do something he could probably do and for free. David on the other hand is a "get a man in" man. Why get his hands dirty when he could pay somebody else to do it. Which is all well and good when you have the money to do that. We don't have the money to do that though especially now I'm not bringing in a full wage.

It's about time my dear husband learned a bit about DIY and to be honest I should really learn how to do things myself so we don't always have to ask my dad to help us to do things we can just get them done ourselves. Plus where is Thomas going to go when he needs help in the future if he has a mum and dad that don't know what they are doing?

An easy to follow  DIY guide is a must for novices like me. Now I have found this Ebook I have already started to dream up DIY projects to start and finding inspiration from sites like the Country Livingwebsite. My dream one day would to buy my own house and for David and I to completely do it up ourselves and not have to rely on others for help. Our very own homes under the hammer house. 

If however there is a job that is just too big for you to complete or you need an electrician or plumber that is where the Local Traders website comes in they have quite possibly somebody for every job you could need doing. All you have to do is select the trade you need, the job you need doing and some contact details and the tradesmen come to you so you don't have to waste your time ringing around different companies. What could be easier?

Have I encouraged you to make a start on a DIY job you have been putting off? I don't think you have any excuse now do you?

*In association with Local Traders

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