Laughing Cow Light*

Thomas loves his food and one thing he has been enjoying lately is sandwiches with the new Emmental Laughing Cow cheese. It isn't a strong cheese taste which Thomas loves and a spread cheese makes sandwiches easier and less messy for toddlers. We have also found the spread cheese is better on sandwich thins as you taste more cheese and less stodgy bread.

Excuse the messy hair he had a bath first.

We haven't just been trying these on sandwiches we have also been trying them on toast and my favourite new thing is adding a triangle or two in to the mash potato with a shepherds pie, it makes the potato really tasty and just adds more flavour to the whole meal.

You can buy the new Laughing Cow Lights from all good shops and supermarkets so definitely go try them out. Do you have any recipes to try these in please share them with me.

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