Saints & Slimmers 5:2 Diet*

If you haven't heard about the 5:2 diet you must have been living under a rock. In recent months its has fast become a really popular diet.

If you have been living under said rock the 5:2 diet is where you fast for 2 days of the week and  have 600cals the other 5 you eat 2000. I had been thinking about giving this diet a go but if i'm honest I hate calorie counting and the idea of trying to find foods that are under 600 under calories put me off because calories just don't go far at all.

That's where the meal replacement plan from Saints & Slimmers comes in they take care of what you need to eat on the fasting days it really couldn't be easier. On the website you can buy a 28 day plan which contains all the products you need for the 2 fasting days a week. You also get to choose which products you get you don't just get a ready made box of products which you may find you don't like the flavours of half the products.

It is advised that you increase your water intake during the fasting days, I guess this is keep hunger at bay because half the time when you think you are hungry it is actually because you are thirsty. Drinking water also keeps your metabolism going as will flush your body of lots of crap.

Saints & Slimmers don't just do meal replacements for the 5:2 diet they have many other plans for people who want to replace their breakfast and lunches or people who want to stick to under a certain amount of calories. What I think is good about the site is that they also break down the cost of the plans to how much actually costs you a day which is a lot less than what you would normally spend if you nip out to the butty van everyday for your lunch.

Keep a look out for my next post where I share what I thought about the diet

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