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Did anybody else worry that winter just wouldn't end this year? It feels like the cold weather just went on and on for month after month just the other week I had to put my heating on in May... May! And I'm sure we weren't the only household to be worrying about how much money we were spending on just heating the house up. Fingers crossed the heating can stay off now until at least November because I don't know about you but I'm fed up of getting really high bills because of how much we have had to have the heating on over the freezing cold months. If it was just myself and David I probably wouldn't have had the heating on half as much I would have probably put an extra jumper on and snuggled up in bed to keep warm but now Thomas is around we have to make sure the house is nice and warm for him.

This last winter I was off on maternity leave so that also saw our bills rise so we had a look around to see if we could get our bills cheaper elsewhere and we did find a cheaper supplier and made the switch and we were lucky enough to make a saving. I hate to think what our bills would have been like if we didn't think to look around.

Always, always visit comparison websites if you are thinking about making a switch to make sure you are getting the best deal for you, don't just go for a company which somebody has recommended you because their services may not suit your own. There has been a recent article about how Ofgem are trying to get energy suppliers to make tariffs similar for customers to understand which will be a lot more helpful.

Click here for lots more tips for switching your energy so you can try and save yourself more money next winter. There is also a handy comparison tool to see if switching your supplier could save you money

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