Thomas's New Playroom

I have been toying with the idea of making a play room for Thomas for a while now, he's getting to that age now where he explores his toys himself he gets the toys that he wants to play with out of his box. So I thought now was the time to have a bit of a move around and create him a little play room.

I have been browsing around on pinterest to get some ideas but to be honest after I have visited that website I always feel envious when I see all the photos of these perfect rooms. But I gotta make the best of what we've got.

I have moved the dining table to the side of the room to make a bigger area for Thomas to play. I think our dining table is too big for us anyway so I'm actually thinking of selling it and getting a smaller square one because if we ever move house I doubt this one will fit anyway.

We are currently looking to move house so I'm not spending too much money/time doing anything to this room, or any other in the house but I hope if we do find a nice house soon then Thomas will still have room for a play area, even if it's just sectioning off the living room.

My dream would be to have a big room split in to sections like a little home section where he could have a little kitchen area for if he wants to make mummy some tea.
Thomas would also have a little art and crafts section where he could sit at his desk and make a new masterpiece for us to stick on our fridge. All of his supplies would be readily available in a storage unit for whenever creativity struck.
If Thomas felt like he wanted to wind down with a book they would all be neatly stored in his Tidy Books, book shelf so he could get comfy on a squidgy bean bag chair and read a book or two.

We'd also have his big toybox which is always accessible and some building blocks and a big alphabet floor puzzle and space for his sand pit and ball pit too.

One day he might have the perfect play room but for now I'm sure he will enjoy playing in his little room.


  1. aww you got some lovely ideas :)

  2. Lovely idea, we havent got the room..were currently saving for a mortgage so hopefully in the near future we will have. Im the same with pinterest..major envy.
    WTPP - The little lady with a baby!

  3. We have that little to storage unit on the bottom left! Love it! Cute room :-) I'm sure Thomas loves it, Oliver loves his! x


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