Vanish - The Mummy Must Have*

Since having Thomas I would say I spend about 80% on my time when I am at home sorting through washing and putting load after load in the washer, It wasn't too bad to begin with but as soon as he hit the weaning stage I don't think a day goes by without a new stain on at least one item of clothing, especially now he is feeding himself most of the time.

For our household now having a stain remover that I know will work is essential and that is where Vanish comes in all I have to do is leave the clothing items in question in soak for 1 hour for whites and and 6 for colours and the staining is gone. I also like to use the Crystal white powder in with white towels and bed covers with every wash to keep them looking fresh and white.

I also have the stain solver page of the Vanish website saved to my favourites because I'm sure as Thomas gets older he will be coming home with all different dirty marks on his clothes that I will need to try and get out, Plus I have a husband who plays rugby and he generally comes home in a worse state than Thomas!

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