Friday, 14 June 2013

What To Buy A Man Who Has Everything

I don't know about you but I hate any occasion that you need to think about buying a man a present, especially if they are as difficult to buy for as the men in my life. You see my husband isn't like a normal man he's not really in to fashion and he definitely isn't one these new men that like skin care or  and things like that so I hate Father's day, birthdays and Christmases because I fast run out of ideas on what to get him.
As for my dad whenever I ask my dad what he would like for a present buying occasion the only answer I ever get is "Don't spend your money on me save it for yourself" but you can't just do that can you? Or at least I can't because I end up feeling guilty.

Music Magpie are currently holding a competition to win a Retro 80's gaming bundle which would be right up my Husbands street he's not really in to games consoles from recent years but he use to love his Mega Drive in fact I think at one point he had 3 of them plus there are plush toys included in the bundle just in case the man in your life wanted to share the prize with his children.

So if you are lacking Father's Day inspiration then be sure to enter this competition which ends on the 21st to try and bag Dad some belated presents. You could even save them for a cheap Christmas.

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