Where I Blog

I'm a pretty nosey person, I guess that is why I got in to Blogging because I love noseying in to people's lives and homes. I also love to see where people sit when they do their blogging.

In a perfect world I would love to earn a living from my blog and I would have a proper office where I would do my work and it would look like a room from Pinterest, but I doubt that will ever happen so in the mean time I have pinched a bit of Thomas's play room and I have set up there.

I like to have products that I'm reviewing away from the everyday stuff I use so that I actually remember to take photos and actually write up the reviews and things don't get forgotten about.

Again I have plans for if/when we move and I want to get a proper desk so that I can keep my things out permanently instead of having to tidy things away whenever we need to use the table. I would also make the area pretty and have some nice flowers and a couple of cute photos of Thomas.

Where do you blog from? If you have a post like this then link me up.


  1. OooOoOo good idea! I'm going to do this, too! I have no room for a desk though :(

  2. I have the exact same laptop as you!

  3. i love seeing these posts, i used to use my desk but since thats now a dressing table, i blog on the sofa, with a notepad and i have a seperate area to photograph products xx

  4. Hello! I've started a linky for this, if you wanted to link up! Great idea! x



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