Wreck This Journal*

I have been wanting one of these Wreck This Journals for a while after my sister told me about them when she bought one. So when I was given the chance to review one I couldn't wait to receive it and get started. So I have decided to do a little series and show my favourite pages when I have filled them in and I am going to get Thomas to help me finish some of the pages too. I can't wait to see the end result I hope it gets completely wrecked!

I love some of the random things the pages tell you to do.

I've already done some things on the stain log I decided to test out some nail varnishes, lipsticks and eye shadows.

I already think this book is going to be lots of fun and it will definitely help cure boredom. It would be a fab book to buy your children for the Summer holidays to make sure they never say that they are bored.

Have you ever had a wreck this journal? Did you completely wreck it?


  1. I think this would be really good for me as I am always really over-careful with books and I need to learn to loosen up a bit when it comes to them! :)

  2. I saw this in whsmith earlier today, was very tempted to buy this!


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