You & I With A Cup Of Chai*

A while back I did a post which you may remember about a couple of teas from Tea India (here)
which I enjoyed trying out so when I was asked if I would like to try another of their flavours of course I said yes especially when the Masala Chai was mentioned as I was curious to see what it would taste like.

I was expecting it to taste like curry if i'm honest which would be weird, but this is actually nice and tasty. I prefer to drink this luke warm it has quite a different sort of spicy, warming taste which I bet would be perfect in the winter to warm you up on cold days

The lovely people at Tea India also sent me some biscuits made from tea leave which were pretty tasty too but as you can see I had to share...

If you want to try a sample from Tea India you can visit their Facebook page and request a free sample before 6th June. You can also buy Tea India from Tesco so why not pick some up in your next shop?

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