Are Men Spending too much on Anniversaries?*

With the question of gender equality constantly being at the front of current conversation, whether or not men are spending too much on anniversaries is a big one. We have to consider whether this is simply a sentimental and precious way of showing someone’s love to another,  or if premium prices on traditional gifts like engagement rings and anniversary presents are an unnecessary reinforcement of outdated patriarchal values. While this may not give a completely comprehensive answer to this question, it aims to raise some of the prices and issues to help you answer the question yourself. 

Engagement Rings
These ones are generally a little more expensive than the wedding bands, and that of course is because of the huge, or small, expensive rock placed on the top of it. In UK tradition, most people spend between one and three month’s wages on an engagement ring, although the Daily Mail now reports that has gone down to three weeks.  Does that mean we’re seeing a sense of sensibility?

Wedding Rings
These are traditionally simpler, so will cost less, but people can still spend thousands each on the bands. Women’s bands sometimes have added diamonds so are more expensive.

Does this mean they’re too much?
The big thing to remember now is that both people in a relationship now tend to work, which compared to a decade or two ago, is a big change. This means that the overall income is generally higher, but also that both of them have disposable cash to start spending on each other. This has helped to equal things out a little, and now some men also wear engagement rings too.

Wedding anniversaries
Luckily, we’re now moving away from the more traditional values of wedding anniversary gifts. They can perhaps be cheaper than they would normally be, and more focus is on making a gift personalised and special, which is why so many sites like www.gettingpersonal.co.uk have appeared. Often gifts from both halves can be cheap and cheerful, or even joint presents that fully depend on the communal budget.

So what does this mean?
It means that, in short, men aren’t spending too much on anniversary gifts. As we’re now moving to a more equal society across genders, even though we might not be all the way there yet, people are beginning to share and be more honest about their earnings. 

*Guest post

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