Bigger Shoes For A Bigger Boy

About 5 minutes ago or so it seems we bought Thomas his first pair of big boy walking shoes (review here) and we have just had to buy his a new pair or even bigger boy shoes.

I was really impressed with Thomas's first shoes they were really good quality and still had lots of life left in them it's just a shame that Thomas's feet outgrew them so quick. We headed straight back to Clarks to get his feet measured up for the next size and he had grown a whole shoe size! I couldn't believe it I was expecting them say he hadn't grown much.

We decided to go for the Ru Rocks Fst this time. I wanted to get a darker shoe this time as he is wanting to walk a lot more outside and I didn't want them to get really dirty really quick. I love the different textures of the suede and leather and the different shades of blue. These shoes are the next stage up from the other shoes I got and so have a sturdier sole and so make them more suitable for walking outside but without being too rigid for toddlers feet.

Thomas loves his new shoes at first it took him a little time to get use to them with the soles being stiffer but he soon got use to them walking around the shop and trying to get away from mummy. If you are thinking about trying Clarks for your little ones first shoes I would highly recommend them and the staff are always so helpful and were so nice to Thomas.


  1. Adorable, i need to get Rio some shoes he lives in trainers (seems as though he's ball mad)..and his pumps dont suit him at all! Might gives clarks a go weve been going to clinks x


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