Blog Everyday In Augst - Day 26 A Role Model

My Daddyo
I have always been a daddy's girl and always will be.
My dad is a hardworking man and I have always been proud of him,
growing up I heard a lot of people moaning about their dad's who were never around.
I feel so lucky that I have a dad who has always been there, who always puts his children first
Who has worked all his life to provide for us.

Even now I have left home I know my dad is always there for me
He will always help us out if we need it. I honestly don't know what I would have done without him during quite a few parts of my life.

I also admire what a great grandad he is, I love watching him and Thomas play
He teaches him so much and I love it when Thomas toddles over to him just to sit on his knee for a cuddle.
He loves his grandad as much as I love my daddo

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