Blog Everyday In August - Day 15 I'm Thankful For

We often spend our lives wanting and wishing for something better, we are always wanting something we can't have. Whether it be better clothes, a better car, a better house, more money, I'm guilty of this all the time it seems like everyday I'm wanting something better. It's not just for me though I want these better things for my family, I want a better house so Thomas can have a garden to play with, I want a better car so that we feel safer on the roads. We often forget about what is right under our noses and we can often take things for granted that we should treasure.

So today I am sharing what I am truly thankful for.

Above all else I am truly thankful for my beautiful healthy son, he makes life worth living, he is the reason that I wake up smiling each morning whether it be 6am or 8am when I hear him chatting to himself it instantly puts a smile on my face. Thomas is my instant mood lifter I love how at 14months he already knows how to make mummy laugh and smile, he does the most adorable things simply because he knows it makes me smile. I'm truly thankful for the magical bond we have.

I am thankful for my husband yes we may get on each others nerves at times and he isn't a great help with the housework but most importantly he loves Thomas and I. We had a husband/daddy that pulls 50+ hour weeks pretty much week in week out to provide for us and never complains about going to work. When I see some men who just couldn't give a damn about their families and they can't be bothered to work to provide for their children I just think we are so lucky to have David.

I am so thankful for my wider family, my dad and mum, sister, brother, grandparents, Davids family and so on. I know if we ever need help one of our family would go out of their way to help us out, I know we can rely on anyone of them. I know we are so lucky to have them all.

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