Blog Everyday In August - Day 21 Promises

I've only made real promises on two occasions in my life and one was my wedding day I made promises to my husband, promises that are not to be taken lightly promises that I hope I can keep for the rest of my life not just for mine and Davids sake but for Thomas's sake. I want him to have the happy nuclear family life that I didn't. When my parents divorced I wouldn't say that it ruined my life, far from it but it definitely didn't make things easy. Birthday parties or family gatherings there was always friction especially when my parents future parents got involved. Even my wedding day certain people couldn't put their own differences to one side for a day so I promise not only to David but to Thomas that I will try my hardest for this to not happen.

The day Thomas was born I made a promise to him to be the best mum I can be, To love him as much as I possibly can, To keep him safe and to make him happy and to give him the best childhood and life that I can because that is what he deserves.


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