Blog Everyday In August - Day 4 Happiness is

Happiness is...
When Thomas shows affection

Just lately Thomas is being so affectionate and I absolutely adore it when we ask him for a kiss he moves towards you with a a big slobbery open mouth and says aww before planting a big kiss on your face. Just lately he has been giving me kisses without being asked if I am sitting on the floor or lying on the settee he will toddle up to me and just give me a kiss and then walk off again it melts my heart every time. 

I just love that he is growing up to be a loving and affectionate little boy. Mind you he has been taught well daddy and I smoother him in kisses daily.

Thomas has also started to be really affectionate to his toys which is super cute he gives his teddies hugs now and he shows his ladybird rocker that he now loves her after not wanting to play with her until recently.


  1. oh hes adorable, im looking forward to the affectionate stage. At the moment our lil lady just wants to be on the move she wont sit long for cuddles and kisses!

  2. Aww he's such a cutie! I love it when Sienna shows affection I can't wait until the day she says 'Love you mummy'


    Kerry X

    1. Me too I will cry when Thomas first says it about probably for the first few times


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