Blog Everyday In August - Day 7 My Guilty Pleasure

A part of me feels ashamed to admit this but I absolutely love Geordie Shore! I blame one of my friends Sarah entirely for this as she told me about it once and when I saw it on demand on the TV I decided to watch it and was instantly hooked and caught up on about 4 series over a week whilst I was on my maternity leave.

I've never watched TOWIE or Made in Chelsea I normally hate this type of program but I love it the show has be in stitches every week. The people on the show are just plain vulgar so I hate to admit but I have this on record every week and I wont tire of it anytime soon.

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  1. You're not alone! I love geordie shore and fancy the pants off of gaz i'm afraid to admit! do you watch the valleys too? i love trashy tv!!

    dayle @ www.swingsandstrawberries.blogspot.com


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