Blog Everyday In August - Day 8 Getting Crafty

Recently I have become obsessed with the idea of upcycling furniture especially since "Kirsty's fill your house for free" started. I got the idea to do up an old table we got given to us when we moved in to our flat 4 years ago. I had been wanting to do it up for ages as it was a rubbishy dark brown varnished side table and I decided to do it up in a nice white "shabby chic" sort of style.

So I set to work sanding off all the varnish so that the paint would stick to the table. I then painted it with normal wood paint, as the wood was really dark it took quite a few coats before it was all evenly coated.

I'm pretty impressed with how it looks although I do want to stencil on the top in a light grey but I don't really know what kind of stencil I want, maybe butterflies or birds but I haven't found any that I like yet. I will definitely have a go at another piece of upcycling in the future if I drop on a good piece of furniture that I can do something with.

Have you done any crafty upcycling lately?

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