Did You Give Maternity Rights A Thought?*

When you first took your job did you think about what maternity rights you would have? I didn't when I started my job at 18 and I never even give them a second thought until we started to try for a baby. When I finally did start to think about my maternity rights and whether my job would be safe, would they have to keep a job open for me? Would I be allowed to take time off for midwife or hospital appointments when needed? I didn't consult my employee handbook or ask anybody at work in the beginning I took to the internet to find out my rights which is where 27.9% of people got their information from.

I had to tell work I was pregnant shortly after I returned from my honeymoon, even though they were probably expecting it at some point I was still nervous about telling them like almost half of UK women. I was worried about how they would take the news and what would happen with my job. Luckily my employers were fine with the news, I was never treated unfairly.

When I returned to work I asked if I could change to part time hours which again they welcomed and never made me feel awkward and accommodated me in my new part time role. I found that I worried over nothing in the end my advice to anybody would be to just be open and honest with your employer from the start and know your rights. If you want to check out the survey results you can find them here


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