Getting Organised With Personal Planner

I'm far from being an organised person, I try to be I often start off with good intentions and then after a while I just stop bothering. When I went to BritMums we were given a notebook from Personal Planner along with a code to create our own planner so as soon as I got home I ordered myself one and thought it was about time to give it a little mention on my blog.

With Personal Planners you can customise the front cover, I chose the same photo as I use on my blog as I wanted this to be my blog planner. When selecting the photo the site tells you whether the quality is good enough or not. Inside the planner you also get to choose how the pages look you can choose whether you want the pages lined of not and you can choose which boxes you want at the bottom.

When you order your planner it says on the website it can take 2 weeks for delivery but mine come in half the time and I'm really impressed with the planner it is great quality the pages inside are pretty thick so your ink doesn't run or seep through the pages. I would highly recommend looking in to Personal Planners for your 2014 planner.

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