How can the Elderly stay Mentally Sharp?*

I'm bringing you something a little different today having had a grandad that had Alzheimers I thought it quite a useful and helpful post to share

After a certain age, keeping the brain sharp is an essential thing to prevent memory loss, depression, and even perhaps things like Alzheimer’s and other diseases. The need for this often comes around retirement when people have way more time on their hands and need something to fill the gap. If something isn’t found then it can be pretty disastrous, increasing levels of boredom by a lot. There are a range of things to help stay off the boredom and keep the mind sharp, here are some of the better options. If you’re looking for a place for you or your elderly family to stay active then check out some inspirational retirement villages to see what they can achieve together.
Puzzle games and brain trainers
We’re getting new old people as the generations start to change over. Over 65s can now have access to videogames in a way they haven’t been able to do before and certain consoles are specifically designed for their ease of use, but also their puzzle and problem solving games. The DS series of handheld consoles have a lot of these, from Brian Trainer to Professor Layton, they all help to keep the mind active.
Join Competitions
Growing old doesn’t mean you don’t want to compete any more. There are tournaments in pretty much everything, whether that’s sit down tournaments of scrabble and chess, to online videogame tournaments (there’s one for almost every game out there), you can guarantee to add a little extra excitement to a game this way.
Don’t become a couch sloucher
Although this isn’t a thing you should do, it’s really important to not succumb to the wallowing state of sitting in front of the telly all day. This can cause things like depression, and has the obvious ill effects of not being able to stay in touch with friends while Eastenders is on.
It’s quite common to see or hear about older people always going on cruises or away on holiday, and people can presume it’s because they have a load of money that they want to get rid of while they can. While holidays obviously do require some money, there are other health-based reasons why it’s a great option for retired people. This is especially prominent in people who haven’t travelled much in their working lives: the places they’ve lived can become stagnant to be in all the time, so a trip aboard can make a refreshing change. They aren’t just goo for getting a tan, too. Visiting new places is a good chance for catching up on your area research skills of whatever town or city you visit.
Start a new hobby
If you’re not the competitive type and uninterested in seeing the world then it may be worth picking up a new hobby to pass the spare time and keep your brain in use. That can literally be anything, from growing your own herbs and fruits (stay away from the heavy back work foods in this situation, e.g. potatoes.) to photography, or even having a go at writing a novel, or a memoir of your life for the younger generations of your family. You can literally do anything.

*Guest Post

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