Iron Vital F From Hubner*

Hubner Iron Vital F provides 100% of the daily iron requirement for mothers and young women, expectant and nursing mothers, children and the elderly. It contains a number of different ingredients some of which are Beetroot juice, grape juice concentrate, apple juice concentrate and cherry juice concentrate.

Like many women I have suffered from low iron after giving birth and now around the time of month I feel drained and tired so I was interested to try an Iron product to see if it would help perk me up a bit.

On the bottle it tells you how much to take daily and for me it was 5ml, the liquid is quite thick like you would expect a medicine to be. The taste is ok I wouldn't describe it as nice but it is definitely not a bad taste it takes a little fruit but there is a hint of the iron still there which does leave your mouth tasting a bit like blood but I take this in the morning before brushing my teeth so it's not a problem.

I have noticed a change in how I feel after taking this supplement I feel a lot less drained and more energised, I will definitely be buying a bottle of this ready for when I have my next baby as it is safe for use both in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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