Maybelline Baby Lips

I should imagine that by now anybody who has had any interest in make up or beauty blogging has heard about Maybelline Baby Lips. They first came out a while ago in the US and of course they took a long time to come out in the UK. I don't normally take that much notice of hyped up products but with these I wanted to see if they were really worth all of the fuss because I tend to have chapped lips most of the time so I wanted to see whether they were worthwhile.

It took me quite a while to actually find them not because they were sold out I don't think but most of the shops where I live were a little late to get them in but I finally found them in Boots after searching Superdrug, Supermarkets and a few other smaller Boots. 

There are 6 varieties to choose from although at the Boots I found them at there were only 3 or 4 left but I didn't want to get them all anyway so I just chose the "Pink Punch" and "Intense Care"
The "Pink Punch" leaves a subtle pink colour to your lips when I first saw it in the tube I was a little worried that it would be really bright and as you know I'm not a fan of bright lips on myself. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it out it does leave a nice hint of colour on your lips but it's not overly bright at all. I think I might be tempted to pick up "Peach Kiss" and "Cherry Me" as I think those are tinted.

I love the fun and bright packaging too, do you?

I have heard a lot of mixed opinions on these because of the hype I think a lot of people were expecting a miracle lip product but at the end of the day they are only £2.99 (Currently on 3 for 2 at Boots) For that though you get a nice lip balm which does the trick for me it keeps my lips feeling soft and isn't sticky. If you are wanting a miracle lip balm you perhaps need to look elsewhere and spend a bit more money.

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