MUA £1 Essie Dupes - Live With Love

MUA Nail Polish in Lush lilac, Pistachio ice cream & Natural days.

I'm always looking for a bargain and these New MUA polishes are just that. They are an amazing dupe for the Essie polishes that are about 9x the price! Admittedly, they do go on a bit streaky and can take up to 4 coat to look good and get a nice finish, but for £1 I still don't think you can grumble at that! They almost look like gel nails because I have so many layers on but I like that look & think it helps them stay chip free for longer.

The colours are gorgeous, I went for the most pastel/spring colours but they have a great range of naturals and brights as well, I have my eye on the bright pink. Yes, I do need another bright pink! ;) I love the brush on these, it's just the right width for me and helps me give a nice clean edge.
I know some people prefer a one coat job but if you're on a budget and don't mind a couple of coats, give them a go. At £1, you don't have much to lose!

Have you tried these? What is your newest bargain buy?

Thanks Sarah for letting me guest post!


  1. Love the colour of these! When I was on the MUA website I was debating about buying these beauties, wish I had now! Maybe next time!

    Great post btw! xx


  2. Ooh, I need some of these in my life.

    Whenever I buy a new nail polish the boyfriend always looks at it and says "Don't you have one that colour already?!" and then I have to explain to him "Nope, I have one LIKE this but it's NOT the same!" :)

  3. Can't wait to get myself some of these :) with needing so many coats do they tend to stay sticky and smudge/mark easily when you think they are dry but the so many layers surprise you with not being quite that dry? x


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