My New Saving Strategy

With the prospect of moving house over the next couple of months my mind is on overdrive thinking about all the new furniture and bits and bobs that we will be needed but obviously all this means money and we will have to do lots of saving for the bits we need. I have tried a few different ways of saving in the past and never really got anywhere if it's for things that aren't majorly important I normally end up dipping in. This time though I am desperate for our new house to be perfect so that is encouraging me to start saving properly.

 I am currently trying out a new way of getting my little savings in order I have bought myself a packet of wage envelopes and on the front of each I have written what I'm saving for and then this way I can see my money grow and I can see that I'm getting closer to my target. I definitely think this will help me with my saving.

Over the next couple of months and maybe for a long time to come I am also going to stop wasting money on stuff that I don't actually need. So when ever I think of buying that new mascara that I don't need because I have 4 already that do the same job I am going to withdraw the money I would have spent and put it in my savings and then that way I will hopefully get all the housey bits even quicker. I hope this will also help get in to the right frame of mind when we start saving up for a house deposit.


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