Sleep In Rollers Review*

Sleep In Rollers seem to have taken the hair and beauty world by storm since appearing on various programs such as Towie and Hollyoaks. I have hair which is generally rubbish and never styles how I want it and never holds a style. I was looking forward to trying the Sleep In Rollers to see if they would actually work with my hair.

I put the rollers in with wet hair which you are normally told not to do but I was trying out the hair dryer hood so I thought it couldn't hurt. I put the rollers in the same way as I have seen quite a few tutorials, I put the rollers in down the centre of my head and then I put them in at the sides. I then used the kirby grips that came with the rollers to keep them in place as I would also be sleeping in them

The rollers we pretty easy to put in from a complete novice like me but I don't think I had them secure enough as you can see some of the hair was falling out which I sorted.

I then put on the hair dryer hood I love this little device doesn't it make me look attractive. This can be used when you hair is dry to set the rollers perhaps when you are using them through the day and aren't able to keep them in your hair for a whole night, but I used it to dry my hair around the rollers.

I've never slept in rollers before so I can't say whether normal rollers are difficult to sleep in but these rollers weren't as easy to sleep in as I thought they would be. Although they were quite springy they didn't flatten down as much as I thought they would. I could definitely tell they were there and half way through the night I had to take a couple out so I could actually get some proper sleep.

You know what they say though no pain no gain, I absolutely loved the end results with my hair. It felt volumised and bouncy and full of life and I also love how the ends of my hair curled. When taking the rollers out I started at the bottom of my head and after each roller I sprayed a little hairspray on so that the curls would last as that is one thing my hair struggles with.

I have been testing out the Blow & Go Kit which comes with 20 rollers which was more than enough for my hair, kirby grips and a hairdryer hood and retails for £36.


  1. Hehe, these pictures made me laugh. I can't imagine sleeping in rollers. I think i'd rather have straight hair hahah x

  2. I think I need to try these my hair is so fine so could do with a boost


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