A 15ish month update

Apologies for this update being a little late to be honest I completely forgot I was then going to wait until his 16month update but I feel a lot has happened in the last month.

Last month I touched on Thomas's eating as he was going through a bit of a fussy stage with his eating but he seems to have come out the other side of that. He is back to trying all sorts of food and this past month he has particularly enjoyed pasta bolognaise and pasta in general so I have been loading that with all different veggies. Although one food he has definitely gone off for the moment is ham he just does not like that anymore.
Thomas has also got so much better with using a spoon and fork, most meal times are so much less messy apart from when he has yoghurts he eats them with his fingers...

Nothing has really changed here Thomas is still mostly in 9-12 month clothes

New Tricks
Over the past couple of weeks Thomas seems to have learned lots of new tricks. He has a new book with 100 first words which has photos in and Thomas can point to car, dog, yoghurt, banana, spoon and fork. Thomas can also now bark (thanks again grandad) When you ask what a doggy does he woofs.
Thomas will pretend to be on the phone he walks around the house with my phone tucked under his chin and pretends to talk and the conversations are normally just "hiyaaa dadda hiyaaa" or "hiyaaa hu dis" although put his on a real phone and he goes mute.

Favourite things to do
Play with his cars - Thomas will sit for ages playing with his cars
Look through his books he particularly likes his 100 words book and often brings books for me to read to him.
If we are sitting on the settee he will plonk himself on my knee so we can sing row row row your boat and he shows me he want to this because he starts yanking my arms so he rocks himself. A new song he likes to do is round and round the garden and he will put my finger on his hand so we can sing it.

this "dis"
that "dat"
whats this "wa dis"
oh dear "oh dea" 
Juice (duce)
there (dere)


  1. I love these updates :) sometimes after the big milstones its easy to forget there still learning so so much! He's gorgeous..and so clever!

  2. I think these posts are so cute, and how wonderful for you to be able to look back on them in the future!


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