All the fun of decorating with an enthusiastic toddler*

As you all know, we have recently just moved house, there’s been a lot going on but we’re starting to get settled into our lovely new home. Thomas’s room is completely finished, which I’m really happy about as I wanted his room done first, to make the move easier for him. I’m getting there with the rest of the decorating but with Thomas running around it can be quite hard. So, I’ve decided to make him apart of the process and to help mummy make the decisions about what we’re going to have in each room.
I think it’s important for him to be a part of the moving-in process and I love spending time with my little boy, so everyone is a winner. I’ve decided to let Thomas help me pick the rugs I want for the downstairs rooms, so sometimes our days out are partially spent in furniture shops and carpet stores!
The first place we visited was SCS, who are having a huge sale at the moment, it was great to see Thomas excited about the different fabric textures and colours. We ended up finding the perfect rug for the living room, this opus shaggy rug, which will match perfectly with the colour scheme and will add a comfort to our living room. I’d recommend getting a dark coloured rug for this – the busiest room of the house - so any spills or accidents can be easily cleaned and will leave no marks, compared to a light coloured rug.
Of course, having Thomas with me being mummy’s little helper, he later saw this rug he wanted so I couldn’t help but get him it. There was a huge range for both boys and girls and Thomas wanted this cute monkey rug, which is the perfect finishing touch for his room. I’m still on the hunt for a rug for the dining room but there’s no rush, I‘m just really happy that I got to share this special moment with my little boy.

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