Come inside my new room

Now Thomas has a bedroom to be proud of we thought we would give you a look around. In the old house Thomas’s bedroom was more like a dumping ground than a bedroom he had all mish-mashed furniture and stuff in his bedroom that wasn’t even his because we had nowhere else to put it. Now his bedroom is just full of his stuff


"Come inside, come on follow me"

"My favourite part of my new bedroom is my bookshelf I love to sit beside it and pull my books out and flick through the pages"

"Mummy told me I have to keep my new bedroom tidy"

"This trumpet takes a lot of puffing"

"Here is my ladybird rocker, I love it now even though I use to hate it"

"Here's my bed but I'm not too keen on being in here on my own yet in this new room"

"The yellow teddy and the little person holding the star use to be mummys but I look after them now"

"Every morning when mummy opens the curtains we have a look outside and I can see my garden"


  1. aww what a lovely room for him :)

  2. Lovely, Rio's has become abit of a dumping ground too..really needs a good sort out! Bless him with the trumpet! x


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