Five ways to be an awesome parent blogger - Guest Post by Vintage Fee

Throughout the entirety of the last year I have either been pregnant or a mother, meaning that I have come up against parent bloggers (or ‘pbloggers’) in all shapes and sizes. Generally, I am proud to be a parent blogger; some of you lot (or you-lots-to-be?) are bloody brilliant, I’ll have you know. And then there are some… Well, some people probably have a little bit of room for improvement. And could probably do with taking a look at my five tips on making sure you’re an awesome parent blogger.
  1. Be encouraging. We all know that, as parents, there are times we think we’re doing everything wrong. Why won’t the baby stop crying? (Because I’m tweeting and won’t let him eat my phone)  Was it my fault he fell off the couch? (Because I was tweeting and wouldn’t let him eat my phone) … The truth is there is no perfect parent and sometimes it’d make your day simply to hear a friend say “hey, you’re doing okay, and I totally made that mistake too”. Be that friend. It’s so so easy.

  2. You do not know it all. When I’m weaning my baby, I don’t care how much your baby ate. When my baby won’t sleep, I don’t care that yours has slept through since 12 minutes old because you let him cry or you didn’t let him cry or whatever we’re meant to do these days. Don’t make somebody feel like they’re doing parenting wrong because they want to co-sleep or because they don’t want to co-sleep. Let people do whatever the hell they want with their own kids and don’t offer up advice when nobody actually called you over and asked for it.

  3. Let’s keep privacy private. I’m not saying everybody should be over-paranoid like me and not even share their children’s names, but for the love of God learn some boundaries. I believe you: your nine month old did a poo in the potty. It’s okay not to show me. And please, have some basic common sense. A picture (or worse, video) of your little angel in the bath should NEVER make its way on to the internet. It saddens me that some people don’t know this automatically.

  4. Join in with the chats. I get it. Really I do. Sometimes a group of people (especially a group who are so passionate about their opinions) is a really difficult thing to approach and say “hey! Like me!” … But honestly, it’s okay. Just do it! Generally people are welcoming and friendly and, once you’ve built up a friendship, love to hear how your little ones are getting along. And as with real life, if somebody is acting like an idiot then they’re not worth your time and you can just move along to one of the awesome pbloggers. Easy peasy.

  5. Enjoy yourself! Blogging is simply for fun. Nobody expects two posts a day when you have children to look after. Don’t pull your hair out because your follower count is low or because you didn’t get offered the same sample that a friend did. Never ever lose sleep over a blog: use it to make friends, log your kid’s childhood and have a damn good time while you’re at it. Anything else is simply a bonus.
Thanks to Sarah for letting me stop by. It was nice to meet you all – feel free to come and say hello over at Vintage Fee!


  1. This is great advice.
    I was blogging on Tumblr before I came here and found not many other parents followed tips like these. Especially the bathtub picture, that always made me uncomfortable.

    Many Thanks, Jen x.


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