Make Believe Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer and Brush

At the start of the summer I had 2 bronzers I now have 5, I am now on a quest to learn how to contour my face properly as well as adding subtle colour. I recently won a competition on Twitter from Make Believe Beauty I was overwhelmed when the package turned up as it contained quite a few full size products (I shall hopefully review them all as I try them out) One of the products in the box was their Enhance Sunbeam bronzer and brush.

The bronzer is just the right shade for me as it's not too dark for my pale skin so I can add subtle colour to my skin but you can build it up quite a bit it you do have darker skin. Another thing that I like about this bronzer is that it is matt, I don't like anything too glittery.
The brush that comes in the box is ideal for travel but to me it's not something that I'd use everyday but it is nice and soft it doesn't feel like one of those cheap brushes that you normally get in sets like this.

I've read a couple of reviews on this product to see what others have thought about it and I have noticed quite a lot don't like the packaging as it is too bulky for them but to be honest I actually really like the packaging. Yes it is a little bulky and some have said it's not great for traveling but I think it's perfect for traveling. In one little box you have a decent sized mirror that you can actually use, a decent amount of product and a travel brush things that normally you would have separate in your make up bag.

This normally retails on the Make Believe website for £15 which to be honest I think that is a bit steep but I have looked on the Boots website and you can get it for under a tenner which I think is a lot better.

Have you tried this bronzer what did you think?

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