Morrisons Little Big Range*

Just recently it seems every supermarket has taken the time to really improve and develop their own brand nappies and baby products, I know I haven't been a parent for that long really but even before I had Thomas I can never remember seeing supermarkets advertising their own nappies on the tele.

 Thomas and I have been trying out some products from Morrisons's Little Big range lately as I was interested to see how they compare to other supermarkets own brand nappies as I only ever buy own brand nappies I just can not justify spending £7+ for a packet of brand nappies when you can spend a fraction of the price and get more nappies for your money and most of the time they turn out to be better quality.

The Morrisons's nappies didn't let me down either, they felt like good quality nappies they were soft on Thomas's botbot they fitted well and allowed him to move and play as he normally would and there were no signs of leakage at all. They also last the night really well no leaking there either. All in all a great nappy and I will definitely be getting these again.

I made the mistake of thinking toddler wipes were going to be the same as normal baby wipes but they aren't, do not try and use these when you have a poopy nappy. I still think of myself as a bit of a newbie on the parenting front and didn't realise that these were actually more suited for when your toddler/pre-schooler is potty training or first using the toilet. These are a smaller wipe which are ideal for when your child is learning how to wipe themselves after using the toilet and I should imagine they are easier to use than normal toilet paper.

I think the easy feed pouch spoons make weaning on the go so much easier, we had similar ones when I was first weaning Thomas to make feeding him out and about easier. All you need to so is screw the spoon on to the spout of the pouch and away you go. Although Thomas doesn't need these anymore I shall be putting them up somewhere safe for our next and for the price £1.99 for 2 I think that is fab.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to test the bath time products on Thomas because of his eczema I have to be careful what I use on him because I don't want to irritate his skin anymore than it already is but in the name of research I have tried them out on myself. They have that lovely baby product smell and I particularly like the shampoo it made my hair feel super soft!

What do you think about supermarkets own brand baby products? are you a convert like me?


  1. I love the asda little angel range! Never really heard of the Morrison range, wasn't even aware they had one..will have to go and have a gander!

  2. Although we use cloth nappies now with Alex, we always used Asda's Little Angels nappies for Seb and they were brilliant and we usually have some in the house for Alex if we need them.
    Although he is dry in the day we use pull ups at night and we have to use Huggies, the others don't seem to last even though he doesn't wee much in the night.

  3. Aw how cute is he!! It's crazy, I swear they do know what we're saying! x


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