My First 100 Words*

Now Thomas is getting older and starting to speak more I am starting to think about helping him to learn new words to see if I can help his speech along. I already read to him quite often which will help him in the long run.

We received this book which contains a 100 basic words that Thomas can learn over the next year or so and start adding to his vocabulary.

The thing I like about this book is that the photos are of proper objects instead of cartoons which I think is much better for toddlers as they will be able to associate them with real objects.
Thomas loves this book and keeps bringing it to me so we can have a look through it and he points to all the different photos and I tell him what they are.

Thomas can already understand what I am saying when I ask him where things are for example when I ask him where the car is he will point to it and make the brmmm noise that he does when playing with cars so he knows what it is an what is does. He can also point to the banana, yoghurt and boat when I ask him where they are.

I absolutely love watching him learn new things and I love the look of concentration on his face when he is listening to me like he is trying to take everything in.

We both really like this book which retails for £5.99 all of the pages are completely colourful which makes it interesting for little ones and the pages are actually really thick paper which is good when you have a little one who wants to turn the pages himself.

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