Revlon Lash Potion Grow Luscious

I don't normally buy things from Revlon this will sound really cheap of me but I think their make up can be kinda pricey at times so it's not a brand I normally take much notice of but when I was recently in Boots I noticed they had a 2 for £10 offer on so I decided to treat myself and get this and a new lip gloss that I have recently mentioned. Which was a complete bargain in my eyes as this mascara retails for £9.99 and the lip gloss was £8.99.

Anyway lets get back to the mascara. I will be honest the first thing that caught my eye was the packaging, it is a little garish but I like it, its fun.

The wand is a traditional brush which I prefer to the plastic ones, the mascara itself is just the right consistency not too dry not too wet. I love the effect if gives your lashes they appear fuller with out looking clumpy and more voluminous.

I accidently got the shade blackest brown I normally got for black but I was actually really surprised by this shade it looks really nice on your lashes and I've noticed it actually looks a lot better during the day rather than having a harsh black shade.

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