September Glossybox

One of my favourite types of posts to read or Youtube videos to watch are ones about Glossyboxes and seeing what people are getting inside theirs each month and every month I find myself wishing I had signed up. One thing that had been putting me off was the fact that I signed up for Glossybox right at the beginning after seeing the fab first box I signed up in time for the second box and was totally disappointed all I can remember from it was a mini can of Batiste and some awful smelling shower gel and perfume. I immediately cancelled and never bothered after that until now.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up for the simple fact that each month I will get a pretty package through my letter box for just £12.95 inc P&P. The thing I liked about signing up to Glossybox was that you fill out a profile so that you get a better suited box for example it asks you your hair colour and type, your skin type and colouring but also how much you normally spend on products and where your normally shop so that you aren't going to get a box that contains products which normally retail for £250 for 100ml or something daft like that if that is not normally how much you are willing to spend on a product or else the samples are pointless. After all who wants to fall in love with a product you would have to sell a kidney to repurchase.

I am pretty impressed with the products I got in my box none of which I have tried before but all products that I could see myself using. The best bit is I got 3 full sized products the Toni & Guy gloss, lashes and eyeliner. I also received a Dr Lipp Nipple balm... yes a nipple balm in a beauty box, apparently this stuff works wonders on your lips as wells as being something breastfeeding mothers use it sounds like a bit of a wonder balm that you can use for pretty much anything which I am looking forward to giving a go and for a full size tube it's only £11.50 which could turn out to be a bargain.

In the box their was also a perfume sample which is normally a bit of a disappointment but I am actually really liking this Elizabeth Arden sample it's not the normal rubbish tube that perfume samples normally come in its a 5ml bottle and the scent is really nice something I am actually considering putting on my Christmas list.

All in all this is a great box and more than worth it's price, in fact just the Toni & Guy product and the Eyelashes add up to more that what you pay for the box and they there is another full product too. I will definitely be staying signed up to Glossybox for the time being.


  1. Isn't Glossybox fantastic?! I got the same as you except I got the HD Brows Bronzer instead of the nipple balm! It's my 6th box and my favourite so far :) x


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