Thomas's Eczema Update

I can't quite remember when I last did an eczema update for Thomas but in the past few months it has gotten worse. I think the main trigger has been the warm humid weather that we have been experiencing in the UK over the past couple of months being hot and sticky can't be doing his skin much good so I have been keeping him in cotton short sleeve t-shirts to try and keep him as airy as I can. At home I try and keep his top off when it is warm enough so his skin can breathe and also so it is easy access for me so I can keep applying emollient to his back.

Another thing that I having been thinking may be a trigger is drinking cows milk since Thomas's birthday in May he has been drinking cows milk and I have read that this can be a trigger to eczema flare ups so for now he has been drinking dairy free milk. Thomas has been on dairy free milk for about 3 weeks now but I don't know if there has been an improvement or not. Every time his eczema patches seem to be fading I think great we've cracked it and then something makes them go bright red again.

Thomas has also started to get a really dry scalp which is itching like mad and I don't think having the amount of hair that he has is helping matters. I am seriously considering having the majority chopped off to see if that will help. 

We've been to the doctors quite a few times and I just don't feel like we are getting to be honest I don't have much faith in our doctor so I can't wait to register with a new one when we move which will be better with any luck and then I will take Thomas again and see if the new doctor can prescribe any better creams to the ones we have already tried.


  1. Hey have u tried aqueous cream? I found that really cooled it down & helped x

  2. My 4 year old son suffers too.
    He takes fish oils which I think help. Another tip which might help if you don't already do this is to put a spot of hydrocortisone in with the emollient when you apply. I always was wary of using too much hc, but a health visitor suggested this and it made a world of difference. We only use Oilatum to moisturise.

  3. My daughter has eczema and she is now 9. She turned out to have an egg allergy so it could be something in his diet making things worse. Her eczema only flares up now in the summer if we have hot, humid weather so I think you could be right about that making it worse.

    We find coconut oil is a good natural remedy to use as it moistures and is anti inflamitory as well. She finds some of the creams can sting.

    Hopefully you will find the trigger and it starts to clear up.


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