Wonderful Wildlife - Charles Fuges review*

Thomas is lucky enough to be part of the Parragon book boodies club and every month he gets a new book for us to read together. The first book he received is Wonderful Wildlife by Charles Fuge
Thomas has really gotten in to books these last few weeks and actually favours them to toys at the minute.

I am also loving introducing learning books as they are never too young to learn. This book is filled with fab colourful illustrations of lots of different animals so you can teach your little ones about different animals not just numbers.

As you can see each page is completely filled with a nice big colourful picture to capture your little ones.

A lot of number books like this mainly concentrate on 1-10 but this book goes up to 20 so it will last your little one longer. After receiving this book I would be interested to see what other books Charles Fuges has done.


  1. The book looks fab! I want our little one to be a bookworm just like me x

  2. I defiantly need to purchase this book for my son.
    My son already knows up to 20 but there is no harm in getting another book for him to read.
    I will be checking out Charles Fuges straight away. With Christmas coming up, it's great to have a few authors names to throw at family members!

    Jen x.


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