Beauty bargains in poundland

I love Poundland, I'm not embarrassed to admit it a lot of people can be quite snobby about shops like this they just wont set foot inside or then there's those that just wont admit they shop there. I can't understand why to be honest who is the clever one the one who goes bargain hunting or the one that gets ripped off paying full price for things you really don't need to.

You can pick up pretty much anything in Poundland as you probably all know but just recently you have been able to get some really good beauty bits. Some of the products that you find in Poundland and just cheap crap which you could probably guess but if you dig deep enough then you can find some right little gems. You may remember recently I did a post of Rimmel's cheek tints and I got the wake me up tint from a Poundland and I just found the other tint so of course I had to buy it.

I bought these two Revlon nail varnishes there were a lot more different shades which I could have got but then I thought I would just be buying them for the sake of it so I just bought the shades I really wanted.

I think I'm a little addicted to going in to Poundland now just to have a quick look at their beauty section just in case they have any good bargains.

Have you managed to pick up any good bargains lately in Poundland?

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  1. I LOVE poundland I find myself in there pretty much everyday after the school run, I recently found some O.P.I shatter polishes in the 99p store :) x


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