Decluttering Tips For Moving House*

When you move house it sure does make you realise how much junk you have stored away that you forgot you even had so it makes you wonder why you still have it. When I was packing up for the move I got rid of a heck of a lot of stuff I would say that I got rid of probably about 20% of our stuff because I didn’t want to cart it to our new house, after all who wants to fill up a nice new house with junk you haven’t missed when it has been stuffed in the box under the stairs for the past 2 years. I thought I would share with you a couple of tips that I followed when I was decluttering.

  1.   Start decluttering well in advance of your move because it may take a while to get rid of certain things especially if you are planning on selling them as you may need to try a couple of different ways of selling before you finally get a sale 
  2.   Ebay isn’t the only way of selling these days, in fact with the constant rises in postal costs I rarely use Ebay at all anymore unless it’s something I can list as pick up only I don’t bother.
  3.  Gumtree was a huge help to sell the bigger items such as an exercise bike David insisted on buying and then never used.
  4.   For smaller items such as CDs, DVDs, games and games consoles you could use Music magpie. I’m sure you have seen their adverts you can either post your items off to them or you can get one of their couriers to come and collect which takes all the hassle away from decluttering.
  5.  Give your unwanted things to charity, if you have some bits that you can’t really be bothered to sell but you don’t want to see taken to the tip then donate it to a charity shop they are always crying out for donations. Make sure you give them good quality items if it is ready for the bin put it in there.
  6.   Use Freecycle, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you have something like an old iron that would work perfectly but just needs a new plug then see if anybody on there would like it, you may think something is only destined for the tip but somebody might be able to give it a new lease of life. I also used Freecycle to get some massive boxes to pack things in so you may be able to help yourself with the move on their too.
  7.  You know that old kettle that you were keeping just in case. Just bin it I’ve got this habit off my dad he probably has duplicated in his loft “just in case” but has never ever needed them just get rid why take junk with you?
From now on I will definitely be decluttering the house more often it is so easy to keep on top off I just have a box that I keep in the spare room that I can just throw things in that I don't think I need or want anymore and then I can just keep either trying to sell the things or just bin them whenever I feel the need.

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  1. De-clutter is the best way if you want to move without any stress & in low cost. Decluttering means you'll remove the extra & old junks, which will decrease your moving budget & increase the moving space in a new place.

  2. De-cluttering is an important aspect of moving as by this one will know which items he wants to move or which not. Thus, this De-cluttering reduces the stress of move. I found your tips helpful but there is one thing that I want to add about your #5 point, it is good to get rid of those items which you don’t want to move but if one thinks to use them in future then one can also hire self storage services and thus by this some of the items he can stored in the storage self storage unit and can use them whenever he want.


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