John Frieda 3 Day Straight

John Frieda's 3 day straight is a hair product that I have been wanting to try out for ages but I just couldn't part with the £7+ on something that probably wouldn't work. When I recently saw John Frieda's products on offer in Morrisons for 2 for £7 I knew I had to buy it and give it a go as that was a bargain I couldn't pass up.

The directions on the bottle are spray in to wet hair and comb through before drying and straightening your hair as normal. So I did firstly they spray is actually pretty good it doesn't feel sticky as all which I hate there is nothing worse than making your nice freshly washed hair feel dirty.
I blow dried my hair how I normally would and it already looks straighter than normal.

After I straightened my hair it was super straight there was no frizz to it either but it did feel a little dry which wasn't great. Throughout the first day my hair strayed straight but it didn't feel in any way weighed down

The photo above is on the third day and as you can see it is still pretty straight just the bottoms flick under which I kinda like, my hair has also stayed completely frizz free. I do really like this product and have been using it after every hair wash, it isn't some miracle product it doesn't keep your hair poker straight but it does help.

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