Maternity Wear Do's and Don'ts*

Pregnancy changes just about every part of you and your life and it's obvious you will change A LOT physically. Getting use to your every growing body means that you have to change the way you dress, many things you loved to wear before you go pregnant may just not suit a pregnant body. I personally loved being pregnant and actually felt it was easier to dress my pregnant body and I felt a lot more comfortable in myself than pre-pregnancy.

Wear Maxi Dresses and Maxi Skirts
The lose-fitting fabric of maxi dresses and skirts is ideal for a growing bump, as they can be incredibly comfortable items of clothing to wear in the daytime. I had a maxi-dress when I was pregnant with Thomas, it wasn't very expensive but the material was super stretchy so it grew with me. Towards the end of my pregnancy it was super hot so wearing a maxi dress was a god send. You could also dress a maxi dress up for a night out by adding a blazer or some accessories.
 Anastasia Gown Long (Eclipse Blue) from Tiffany Rose. £225.00.

Invest in a Maternity Support Band
The maternity support band is a staple in many expectant mother’s wardrobe. They really help to take the strain from your lower back, whilst buttoning to your regular trousers – so you could even get away with having the front open! Even sitting in an office at work made my back ache and I thought sitting down would make the pregnancy easier but it definitely didn't in fact I wish i could have walked around more.

Wear Wrap Dresses
Wrap dresses are much a staple of a maternity wardrobe as the maxi dress, as they’re equally as versatile. A great choice for weekends and workdays alike, these dresses will flatter your new body shape so well every pregnant woman could pull off a wrap dress. I will definitely invest in more of them for work for my next pregnancy as they are so much better than having to wear trousers or leggings as even pregnancy trousers with a stretchy band can still feel a little tight across your belly especially towards the end of pregnancy.
Image Credit: duematernity.

Wear your regular old t-shirts
As Tempting as it is, your favourite tops and t-shirts are better left in your drawers. Your regular clothes are likely to become too short at the front as you progress; revealing more than you might be comfortable with! I'm sorry if I offend anybody here but to me there is nothing worse than showing your belly off because your top looks 2 sizes too small.
Image Credit: SarahgPhoto.

Wear a shapeless blouse or dress
It’s unfortunate that shapeless clothes in general tend to be extremely comfortable and they are so unflattering. Pregnancy is a time to be proud of your blooming body so show it off.

Wear short dresses/ tops
As your belly starts to grow your clothes will obviously start to rise up at the front so make sure that your clothes aren't too short as you may end up showing a little too much off.
Image Credit: natsumom.
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  1. I can't abide people showing off the bottom of their bump! Yuck!


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