October Glossybox

After receiving such a fab box last month I decided to stay signed up to Glossybox to see what little lovelies I would get in October. I already love these boxes for the simple fact that unless you go looking for spoilers it is a complete surprise what you will get in your box each month.

I have seen quite a few people slating this months box perhaps they had slightly different boxes of if you are a long term subscriber then perhaps this box wasn't as good as past boxes but I will be honest I have liked this months box mainly due to the fact I got some imPRESS nails in a nice design. I have been wanting to try these for a while but due to the fact that they retail for £7+ and I haven't had much success with stick on nails in the past I haven't wanted to waste money on them even thought I have heard some good reviews in the past.

There was a little perfume sample again this month and it is one of those tiny little spray tubes so not as good as the Elizabeth Arden sample last month I thought that was a lot better. The perfume is still nice but not my usual scent.

I am also impressed that we had another full size product in the box which is a MeMeMe Cheek tint which I am pleased with just lately I have been steering away from using powder blushes and have been using cream tints so I have been putting this to the test and I am enjoying using it so I may do a full review on this or perhaps venture out and get a couple more tints and do a sort of round up of them.

I also got two skin care products from brands I have never heard about so I was looking forward to trying them I got and Illuminating primer by Monu which I am really please about. I spoke recently in my post about my new No7 foundation that my skin had been looking dull recently so this gives my make up the perfect base. The next was a facial serum by a company called Harmony again I have been enjoying using this as it leaves my face feeling super soft and it is a bit of a multi use product as you can use it under your make up as a primer and you can also mix it with your foundation to create a lightweight BB cream.

I will definitely be staying signed up to Glossybox for the time being. What did you think of this months box?

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