Recent Favourites #3

For my recent favourites from now on I am going to try and include some non-beauty favourites for those of you who don’t really care about beauty products. I am also going to be including some of Thomas’s items that either has been enjoying of I have found helpful over the month.

So without further ado what have I been enjoying this month? Quite late on in the month we received this cute little book “A little goodnight book” it is such a cute little book that I will be reviewing soon but what I will say is that we have read this about 50 times so far.

I have been absolutely addicted to Nescafe’s Gingerbread Latte’s they are so good just like taking a trip to Costa but without the same price tag. I will definitely be stocking up on these as they are only limited edition.
Rimmel’s Cheek tints, I have been using these every day since I got them I have well and truly been converted from powder blushes.

I have been trying to find a way to make my skin look healthier and hydrated recently as I think the change in weather has made my face look really dull so I have been using A’Kin’s Hydrating mist as a soft of setting spray when I have done my make-up and not only has it kept my skin looking better but it also makes my make-up last longer.

My favourite body scrub not only recently but of all time has got to be Soap & Glory’s Breakfast scrub. I absolutely adore it, it smells divine I literally want to eat it! But it actually works; it really does leave your skin feeling so much softer.

I sometimes think that Lipcote is that product that gets over looked, you never really hear people mention it but over the past few weeks I have been using it practically every day to keep my lipstick in place and to help it last longer as I don’t know what I do but lipstick never lasts on it’s own for me. The great thing about Lipcote is that it’s super cheap and will probably last you ages, like I said I’ve been using this pretty much every day and it looks like it has hardly been used.

I recently signed up for Glossybox again, you may have read my recent post about it. Two of the products I have loved from the box are Elizabeth Arden’s Untold perfume which is a really nice “grown up” scent totally different to perfumes I would normally go for. The next is Dr Lipp’s Nipple Balm yes really, it makes a brilliant lip balm, it’s super thick so you don’t need to use much. I’m really considering buying a full size tube but I am getting Elizabeth Arden’s Eight hour cream for Christmas which is meant to be the same sort of product so I don’t know. Perhaps I will keep the nipple balm in mind for future babies if I try breastfeeding again.

Last but by no means least my favourite mascara of the moment I have done a full review of this which you can find here. It is one of the best mascara’s I have used in a long time and I would highly recommend it.

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