Rimmel Cheek Tints

I have never really dabbled in cream blushers or cheek tints before so I don’t really know what made me buy the Stay Blushed cheek tint by Rimmel but I wanted to see if they had better staying power than my usual powder blush, it seems like most of the time the blush has disappeared by the time I get to work in the morning.

The consistency of these cheek tints is a bit thicker than a liquid foundation and I find the easiest way to apply these is to squeeze a bit out on the back of my hand and then I apply three dots on each cheek and then blend in with my fingers. I got the shade “Pop of Pink” it’s a gorgeous everyday  pink shade that is subtle enough for even the palest of skin tones like me but then you can build up the colour. I just wish there were more shades to try in the range at the minute there are only two and I will be buying the "Sunkissed Cherry" shade soon but hopefully Rimmel will bring out more in the future.

The staying power of the Stay Blushed for me is so much better than your normal powder blush and lasts a lot longer. I also love how easy these are to apply on the go as you don’t need to bother with a brush if you don’t want to. 

I have also recently come across Rimmel’s Wake me up Instant radiance shimmer touch in Poundland and had to buy it as I had wanted to try it out for a while but it wasn’t something I ever got round to buying. I got the shade “Radiant Rose” which when you squeeze it out the tube looks a bit scary and dark but when you apply it to your cheeks and blend it in it goes to more of a very faint rosey shimmer which highlights your cheeks really nicely. You do need to be careful as if you apply too much it can look glittery in some lights.

Again the Wake me up shimmer touch only comes in 2 shades but I’m not sure if Rimmel plans to bring out anymore shades as these have been out quite a while now

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