Settling in to a new house

As you already know we have recently moved in to our new home at long last and you may have noticed my blog posts have been a bit sporadic as I wait for our internet to get sorted. Before we moved I had wondered how Thomas would take to being in a new house and to be honest moving coupled with Thomas getting hand foot and mouth didn’t make the whole transition to the new house easy. 

For the first couple of days Thomas wouldn’t let me out of his sight if I left the room he would start to cry and the nights weren’t much better Thomas just wouldn’t settle in his new room. I think this was partly because it was so much darker than his room at the old house because there was a street light right outside so I think it was a bit scary to suddenly be in pitch black.

I decided to get a little night light to stop the room from being completely pitch black while he gets use to it. I know lots of people see night lights and things like that as a bad thing but to be honest if it helps Thomas to get use to his new environment then that’s good enough for me I will probably use the night light for a few more weeks and then start switching it off.

The nightlight hasn’t completely worked though we still had a couple of nights where Thomas had to come in to our bed and David was kicked out of bed and even a night or two where Thomas decided to stay awake most of the night but I feel like he has finally got use to his new room and he has gone back to sleeping all the way through again which makes for a happier Thomas and a happy mummy again.

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  1. Aww bless him! Hope he gets used to his new room soon x


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