Sleepy Puppy Bedtime Book*

This month the bookbuddies book Thomas has been sent is the Sleepy Puppy Bedtime book. The book is such a lovely little bedtime book written as a lullaby.

It's a little board book which is safe for little hands as there wont be any rips or tears,

It’s not too long and probably a book you will learn off by heart after a couple of nights but it’s a book you and your little one will enjoy from when they are a baby.  I must have read this book with Thomas about 50 times already he keeps bringing it to me when we are sitting in his room and then he will sit on my knee so we can read it and Thomas points to the puppy and barks. Thomas also enjoys sitting and looking through the book himself.

Thomas loves snuggling with the little puppy comforter.

This book comes in a lovely little set along with a puppy comforter so your little one can snuggle with their comforter whilst your read the book and hopefully it wont be long until they are falling asleep. I am really impressed with this set it would make a lovely gift for a little girl or boy and I am sure they will enjoy it.

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