Something for tired mummys

It's been months since you last had a decent night sleep and it is really starting to show with those big dark bags under your eyes. Sound familiar? Even when you little one starts sleeping through don't get too happy because it doesn't last, it doesn't mean that's it for sleepless nights. There is always something that comes and throws your childs sleeping routine off. I don't need sleepless nights to make my under eye circles look any worse. I could have a good night sleep every night and I would still have dark circles. I have tried countless concealers to try and the only one that has ever really worked for me is the Collection lasting perfection concealer and I have tubes and tubes of that so I thought I might try something different for a change.

A while back now Soap and Glory had some sort of offer on an I wanted to buy their breakfast scrub again as I absolutely love that so I thought I would try something from their make up range. The only thing that caught my eye was the Trick and Treatment concealer.

This concealer claims to have a special yellow pigment which neutralizes the purpley under eye circle. The first thing I thought when I first applied this was that it was very thin and I didn't feel comfortable just wearing this on it's own as I didn't feel that it was giving me enough coverage.

I have found the best way to use this for me is to apply this underneath your foundation as you normally would and then depending on how bad my circles are some days I might need to use my old trusty collection concealer and just dab a little more under my eyes and then blend out to conceal my under eyes as much as I can.

I definitely feel that when I use this my under eyes look a lot brighter, even though the formula is quite thin it does last pretty well, I might sometimes need a little touch up later on in the day. If you have really dark circles like me then this definitely does help and if your dark circles aren't that bad then this will probably be a great product for you.

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