Teenage Spots in Adulthood*

I was lucky enough to go through my teenage years with barely any spots just the occasional one that would spring up somewhere really noticeable like on the end of my nose. I even managed to go through the whole of my pregnancy with Thomas pretty much spot free which surprised me as people normally go the opposite way and they tend to break out pretty bad due to the amount of hormones racing around your body.

As you can imagine I was not impressed when my lovely hormones gave me spots after pregnancy! When my skin is really bad it is always worse around my chin, I hate it. At the minute they are manageable but if acne was to get worse then I would be tempted to look some form of acne treatment even though laser treatment for acne does sound a bit scary I think I would rather give that a try to try and sort out my skin. Bad cases of Acne can really affect peoples confidence I have seen it happen in friends and can totally understand why people turn to surgery to try and help acne prone skin.

I'm a big fan of funny photo effects to make spot less obvious
Once your acne has been sorted you can look at skin peels which help with acne scars by removing dead skin cells and they encourage new cells to grow which leaves your skin looking fresh again. There are many different peels available so even if you don't suffer with acne there are peels available for such skin problems as fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage or hyper pigmentation.

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