"That's for girls"

Thomas is having a kitchen for Christmas mainly because I am always being told that he loves playing in the home corner at nursery and also because I can’t really want to play with it with him. When I have told people that Thomas is having a kitchen some people still have the views that children can only play with gender specific toys.

Thomas already has a hoover which he hoovers round upstairs with every day and he loves it but it took me ages to find a unisex one all the ones I could find were pretty pink things with flowers on specifically aimed for girls now to me that isn’t setting out the right message is it. Girls aren’t the only ones to do housework these day roles around the homes have changed more and more women are going back to work after having children and more men are becoming house husbands and looking after the house.

I hate that in this day and age people think children should only play with gender specific toys what on earth do they think will happen if a girl decided she wants cars for Christmas and a boy wants a doll? Who are they hurting?

It’s not just gender specific toys that bug me it’s also activities that children can get forced in to. Some mums are desperate to have girls as they think their little girl will automatically want to do all the “girly” things, bake cakes, go on girly shopping trips and become best friends. They automatically assume girls will want to do these things like this just like David is desperate for Thomas to want to play rugby but I have to keep reminding him that he may not want to do that, he may want to go to dance classes or he might want to spend his Saturdays shopping and having lunch with his mum.  (I wouldn’t blame him rugby is painful and messy)

I wish people could just allow children to be children and to have fun playing with what they want while they can.

What do  you think


  1. I totally agree.....Up until my youngest started full time school she used to love Spiderman, toy cars, Toy Story....All the things aimed at boys....We bought her boy toys and she loved them....Now due to peer pressure it's all about dolls and princesses....I miss my little girl who loved boys toys!!

  2. I have a post coming up about this! Children have no concept of boys and girls so they should play with whatever they want! x

  3. This was a real thought-provoking post! I work at a school, so know that children will play with whatever they want to....but that said, I wouldn't necessarily think to buy a boy a kitchen. It's sad really isn't it, because as you say, play doesn't have to be gender-specific. Especially with something like a kitchen....think of Gordon Ramsey! I hope Thomas enjoys his pressie....maybe he'll be the next Jamie Oliver!

    - Tabitha x


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