Thomas's 17 Month update

I feel like this month has been the month of tantrums, Thomas has been having tantrums for a while I think that is just Thomas at the minute he wants to be a very independent little boy and he doesn't like it when boring mummy comes along and disturbs him playing because he needs to have his nappy changed. This month though we have been having tantrums almost daily, not mega tantrums but just getting annoyed and throwing himself around the floor and bashing in to things which does worry me because I'm scared he is really going to hurt himself.

New Tricks
I have been looking at past monthly updates and realised that I haven't mentioned before that Thomas has learnt some body parts. For the past couple of months we have been asking him where different body parts are and he points to them. So far he knows head, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, handies and fat belly. I have been trying to teach him toes but he gets confused and points to his nose so I will have to change that to feet.

It seems like Thomas hasn't had any new teeth for a while now but then David noticed 2 molars that seemed to have both sprung from nowhere which I wont complain about as it mustn't have hurt Thomas this time as he didn't let us know as the molars are suppose to be the worst.

Thomas's speech is coming on all the time and his words are beginning to sound like proper words not like baby words if you know what I mean? 
So far we have...
this "dis"
that "dat"
whats this "wa dis"
oh dear "oh dea" 
Juice (duce)
there (dere)
Where gone
where andies (handies when we putting arms in sleeves)

Hmm what else, what else... Thomas is finally in mostly 12-18 month clothes most of the jeans are still too long and baggy for him. I suppose at least we get a lot of use out of his clothes as they fit him for a good many months before he grows out of them.
Thomas has learned how to roar and scare people lately and he thinks it's hilarious to scare people so we have to pretend to be scared. 

I need to keep note of everything Thomas does during the month whenever I come to write these posts I can never remember what he has been doing.

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